Our service

  • Cooperation Mode
    Provide client material & semi-finished products. Provide client professional equipments and supporting facilities such as production molds. Provide high-quality product groups (introduction and procurement of cylinder related accessories).
  • Produce Trusteeship
    Provide professional facility installation, commissioning and testing services.. Provide production training service. Provide sound quality management manual. Provide sound organizational structure. Provide all systems including production, operation, maintain, etc.
  • Quality
    Our production quality inspection system covers masterbatch composition analysis, sealing test, mechanical tensile test, hydraulic test, burst test and full inspection of finished products before delivery. This means that all finished steel cylinders produced in our factory are tested 6 times before loading into containers.
  • Import qualification
    Don't worry if you've never had import experience. We will provide you with the test certificate of LPG SASA, which is convenient for you to apply for import qualification at the agency. If you have difficulties or questions, we will assist you to contact the agency together.
Manufacturing Team

Tianlong Steel Cylinders has been producing LPG cylinders for more than 28 years since 1993. In 2020, the output of Tianlong steel cylinders will reach 4 million, 95% of which will be exported to more than 45 countries, mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

There are 19 professional engineers operating the quality standard system and controlling a full set of testing equipment; there are more than 2,000 employees at home and abroad, equipped with professional skills, and the average working time is about 5 years.

Tianlong Cylinder obtained ISO9001 in 1998 and ISO 14000 in 2016, passed the inspection of multiple market quality departments, and obtained ISO standard CE and BV and other licenses.

At present, for the southern African market, we have obtained the SGS report and the LPG SASA test certificate. If you do not have import qualifications and need to apply for import procedures, we can help you.

Welcome to discuss business cooperation, our mission is to make the world cleaner and more efficient, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

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